Live each Day as if it Were your Last

With the recent celebrations of Memorial and July 4th holidays, which afforded us all the time to relax and appreciate our families, soldiers, and the freedom of our country, I encourage you all to remember the powerful lesson — to live each day as if it were our last. Life is short! It is a tremendous gift, and every day of life we have been granted should be appreciated, and lived with love. Sure, we will have our tests, trials, and tribulations, but to live each day in misery when you have the Choice to Live with love and gratitude – must be examined. Just seeing my 2.5 month grandson Logan last weekend, my oldest daughter Stephana and her wonderful husband, Charles, made me feel so grateful. Grateful for how happy and successful they are, for my incredible daughter who has become such a wonderful mother, and grateful that I have lived this long to experience these precious days with them at the shore.

What price can you put on family love, freedom, self-esteem, personal happiness, and inner peace? These feelings are worth everything, and nothing material can come close to these types of experiences of happiness. How can you start to feel this blissful type of happiness?

Begin by simplifying your life and free yourself from clutter, negativity and unnecessary stress. Do what it takes to improve yourself in three areas – Mind, Body, and Spirit. To improve your mind, read books that motivate and inspire you to be your best individual self, partner, and parent by living a balanced life. My book, Live Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success, teaches many techniques to live your life full of purpose to reach all your goals and dreams. There are many inspirational authors who write on various techniques to improve how you feel about yourself; so constantly fill your mind with positive growth material.

Meditate 15 minutes each morning, to help reduce blood pressure, anxiety, depression and cortisol levels (that keeps on weight). Learn to live “in the Now” so that you are making conscious choices in how you want your life to be lived each moment. Most people have 8/10 thoughts that are negative. You can create a mind-set that is 2/10; or eight positive thoughts out of every ten. It feels fabulous to live in this way. Get back to a faith-based belief system that will help you in times of crises and difficult transition.

For your body, exercise a bit every day for cardio benefits, and lift light weights for muscle tone 2-3 times a week. Eat primarily proteins, fresh vegetables (raw or steamed), fruits, nuts and any of the foods that “God provides.” This means, avoid all foods in a package – for optimum health.

Our soldiers, who fight for our freedom throughout the world, enable us to count our blessings, allowing us to live with gratitude each day. If you are suffering with an upsetting personal emotional situation, get help from a Counselor or Relationship Coach. Pray for strength and do what it takes to move forward in your own personal freedom from depression, negativity and anxiety. You have the gift to be able to choose love, respect and peace, for yourself and in all your relationships. Start today, and learn to live each day as it may be your last.


      Riana Mine is a Marriage/Family Therapist at Therapy by the Sea, LLC; a Certified Relationship Coach, author, and motivational speaker in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Her column, My Relationship Coach will discuss the relationship you have with yourself and others. Her free App: My Relationship Coach offers more articles and her book, Live Beyond Your Dreamsfrom Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success, addresses various relationships. To learn more or suggest a topic, go to or email

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The Relationship Dial – Where is your Relationship

The Relationship Dial – Where is your Relationship status?;, App: My Relationship Coach

1) Casual or best friends of the opposite sex – a kiss and hug hello, never any sex – just Buddies – plain and simple; a line of sexual intimacy is never crossed. Usually these people are life-long friends.

2) Friends with Benefits – Friends who have become sexual, but clearly have no desire to ever have an exclusive love relationship – this is a sexual only arrangement, and one many women consider disrespectful and want no parts of. It can really mess up a friendship as well, because usually one person wants more in the relationship.

3) New Relationship Status – Two people meet – there is chemistry, fun, and attraction – once they get to talking, they feel something more as they discover WHO the person is from their heart, life’s journey, and future intentions. Kisses are shared, and there are sparks! A possibility for a deeper relationship is seen by both, but it is too new to tell.

4) New Intimate Relationship – So the couple above progresses to sexual intimacy – they discover – the sex is great! Another fabulous thing in common, and they become more open and free with each other. Both feel they can “be themselves” and feel safe in sharing their emotions. Both feel the other person is quite special. Feelings become deeper, conversations more meaningful – but their relationship is still “new” and very exciting, and both wonder, “could there be more to this?” They need more time to tell and get to know each in a more in-depth way, and they both decide this is worth more time and effort. They have to be careful that this is not only about the great sex – once that line has been crossed.

5) Exclusive Relationship – Yes! This is GREAT, and BOTH feel they want this relationship to happen. Both would like to be out of the dating scene, and dedicate their time and energy to only the other person to see where their relationship will go. They call each other their – girlfriend/boyfriend – to others, and upon introduction. They start introducing this person to friends and family. They talk real and open about where they are in life, and how this relationship could really work. They talk plans about a future, and share concerns, financial/personal/business goals and how this could all come together, despite any obstacles. Plans to proceed are made together. Both make the efforts to see one another, keep in touch, and discuss their progress as things move along. Both are supportive of the other, and are patient because they see a future together. They easily express their love to the other with words and actions.

Riana Mine is a Marriage/Family therapist at Therapy by the Sea, a Certified Relationship Coach, author, and motivational speaker in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Her column in, My Relationship Coach will discuss the relationship you have with yourself and others. Her free App: My Relationship Coach offers more articles and her book, Live Beyond Your Dreams addresses various relationships. To learn more or suggest a topic, go to or email

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LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – How to order the Book

Live Beyond Your Dreams - from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success

Live Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success

Riana’s newest book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams, from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success (co-Author Alexi Panos) is NOW available in Barnes & Noble book stores, on, and at several New Age book Stores. Also available from the author – should you want an autographed copy – add $4 S & H, send full name, dedication name and address to

Here is a book summary –

Watch Me! I can succeed, reach my dreams,

and make a difference in the world

Let’s face it:  Success and happiness are limited by what we tell ourselves and how we allow others to define us.

In Live Beyond Your Dreams, co-authors Riana Milne and her daughter, Alexi Panos, introduce the Watch Me!™ mindset, a transformational approach to self-understanding, motivation, and fulfillment. In moving through emotional healing and increased self-esteem to personal growth and empowerment, you’ll prove to yourself that you’re more than good enough to successfully realize        your dreams and beyond for a balanced life of power, purpose, and peace.

You’ll discover:

  • A breakthrough approach to easing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Positive self-talk for better performance, moods, and a healthier mindset
  • A sensible, step-by-step process for setting and accomplishing goals
  • Empowering techniques for achieving balance in all your life and work spheres
  • The essential role of spirituality in attaining personal peace and higher purpose

 Riana Milne is a licensed Professional Counselor in her private practice, Therapy by the Sea, a certified Relationship Coach, and an interfaith minister. For more than 30 years, and through incredible challenges and triumphs, Riana has coached thousands to personal and professional success with the Watch Me! mindset and its promise of helping us achieve our dreams and beyond.

Alexi Panos, Riana’s youngest daughter, is the embodiment of the Watch Me! mindset and inspiration for the first Live Beyond Your Dreams book. A dazzling success in the entertainment industry and the corporate world by age 21, she still felt there was something missing. Her recognition that fulfillment and true success starts with changing one’s intrinsic motivation to achieve a higher purpose, led her to co-found a non-profit called EPIC — Everyday People Initiating Change — which provides safe, clean drinking water to the developing world.

 A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to EPIC

and the Riana Milne Arts Scholarship Fund.


 $16.95 US, CAN $20.95                                   ISBN/Book: 978-0-9785965-4-5

$9.99 Ebook                                                            ISBN/Ebook: 978-0-9785965-1-4                                        

By the Sea Books, LLC                                             6 x 9 Paperback

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Self Help /Personal Growth/Success       

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Couples, Cash & Compromise ©


Compromise and communication is the most important way to achieve peace when it comes to couples and their cash. Long-term financial goals as well as realistically talking about where you are financially when you meet are all a part of establishing a calm plan for mutual success. Here are some things to discuss once your relationship turns exclusive and serious, to have a successful plan before you ever marry:

1)    Don’t exaggerate how well you manage your money or minimize your money problems. Be real and show the facts. Show each other your credit scores (all 3) and your reports way before marriage. Once you marry, these importance facts will affect you!

2)    Don’t make one person the only one handling the bills. You each should each pay your own bills and credits cards, and keep things as separate as possible. You can have a mutual fund for joint bills like mortgage and utilities. But everything should be open to each partner, including credit card statements and phone statements. Don’t have any secrets from your partner.

3)    Be careful that neither you nor your partner spends more then you make. Live within your means, and stay debt-free each month on your credit cards.

4)    Make a plan to fix your credit and pay off your debt in a way that your partner supports. Work on your individual finances and don’t look for your partner to save you. Be sure to put off marriage until you are both debt free and your credit scores are at least over 720. 760 or higher is ideal.

5)    Set individual and couple specific goals that each person is excited to meet; like a weekly contribution to a vacation, child’s college fund or retirement fund. Make this plan together and watch your money grow towards your common goals!

6)    Once a month discuss your goals about the upcoming month and any money allocation that needs to be made (like the holidays and Christmas gifts). Set a budget for gifts you each will stick with. Make these discussions a team effort.

7)    Remember women tend to be more security based, wanting to save money; where men tend to like to see the fruits of their labor, and want to spend on “flashy toys” like cars, gadgets and boats. You will come to resent the other if you do not come to an agreement as to how to spend your mutual money. You must have a compromise between spending and saving. Respect each other’s needs and make a budget that both can be happy with.

8)    Talk to each other before making a major purchase and have a limit as to what you can spend while alone. An average limit is $300-500 for an item.

9)    Household expenses should not be over 28% of gross income, and other debts like credit cards should not exceed 36% of monthly gross income.

10) Put 15 – 25% of gross income (more as you age) into savings with each paycheck. Any bonus payments put directly into savings or a vacation fund.

11) Do not overspend on credit cards, and what you charge, pay off each month. Use an airline card to save you flight points for your vacations.

12) Men overspend on sporting events, hi-tech items and equipment; where women overspend on clothes and their kids.

13) Have a solid plan to pay bills on time so you don’t have late charges and your credit score wont be affected. You may prefer automatic bill pay for this.

14) Both partners should know their combined assets and debt, how their money is being spent, invested and where. This is true even if one person manages the bill payments and the other oversees the investments. Both need to know where the money is going, and how much is spent each month. 55% of partners hide assets, leading to mistrust and conflict.

15) Separate bank accounts gives a sense of financial freedom, but don’t hide assets. Lying about money sets up a future of distrust and deceit. And without trust, you have no relationship.

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Honesty & Integrity for Couples ©


The two top essential qualities for a lasting relationship are Honesty and Integrity. It is the best gift you can give your partner, and yourself.  Respect, Kindness, Concern and Support are also top on the list for old world values and common courtesies that make all the difference in a loving last relationship, or one that fails with time.

It takes TWO people, doing the right things to make a relationship last today. Temptations abound with such free and easy access to cheating, secrets and lies through the use of internet porn and dating sites.

Work, children’s schedules, house chores, and individual interests have become more important than cherishing one’s partner. I often hear, “I want to feel like I did when we first fell in Love.” And I have to ask in return, “Are you treating your partner the same way when you first met? And if not, why not?” Then I ask both partners what do they each need to change and do differently to rekindle their love for one another? New intimacy levels usually have to be re-established first. Men tend to want to jump right to having sex to re-connect, and women need to feel close and respected with daily support, affection and kindness to connect and feel sexual.

Men and women’s sexual brain centers are different – so it’s important that you know how to best romance your partner to bring them to closer intimacy levels. Women have sex with the brain first – meaning, she needs to be away from her “to do” list, the home, TV, her kids and work; and have the time and space to focus on only herself and her partner. A mother needs to reconnect with her “woman-self” first, before feeling sexual, so getting her away from the kids is important. Give her the chance and time to dress up for you – her date – and to feel special to you again. Talk about special memories, and future goals, and be sure keep all negative topics away from the time spent on your date.

Men like to be sexual to make sure their woman still loves and desires them. Men can get sexual quickly (7x the sexual center in the brain then a woman); so men feel unloved when a woman says, “No” sexually too many times. She doesn’t mean to reject her man, it’s just that often her brain is not connecting yet with her body, and therefore the sexual desire is not yet there. Now, she can “fake it”, thus giving you both a bad experience, or men, you can learn her “best time” for intimacy and be sure to get her out on dates ideally twice a week (one casual, one more formal).

These are just some tips on sexual intimacy – however, without the core gifts of daily trust, honesty, integrity, kindness, concern, respect and support within the household, intimacy will never come. The majority of women are equal breadwinners, and work just as long, or even longer hours than her spouse. Therefore, all household chores and childrearing efforts need to be equally split. Men that “get this” have much more love and sex in their lives, because their women are happier, supported, appreciative and less tired. A more involved man understands her stress, and they are empathetic to each others’ needs. This team approach to “getting things done” help the couple to have more alone time to connect and be intimate.

An involved partner is an EVOLVED person. Integrity is the basis of a fabulous relationship – living as a Team – “You and Me Against the World” – and letting no one penetrate your relationship or get “too close.” Affairs often start as two people becoming friends; removing the conversation, trust and intimacy of the primary relationship away from your partner or spouse.

Integrity means you do the right thing when no one is looking, defend your partner and your relationship to the end, and don’t get too close to another person of the opposite sex.  Watch your boundaries. You have a “feeling” when someone is flirting or starting to get to close to you – that is the time to tell them you are married, or exclusive, and just “not interested.”

If you BOTH do this, then no one can penetrate the Love relationship. You also must discuss your needs in a loving way, date on a regular basis, be supportive, kind, attentive and honest, and then you will have the gift of a fabulous, life-long relationship!

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Critical Signs of a Troubled Marriage ©


       There are some definite signs that your marriage may be over. One major mistake made from either partner can shake up the whole balance, leading to divorce. Financial trouble or job loss, sudden illness, over-demanding children, lack of time, and daily stress all can erode a quality, loving relationship. Below are some other signs that many partners may not recognize as a warning sign:

1)       Minimal Intimacy: From daily hugs and kisses hello and goodbye, to handholding while out; these little signs of affection keep a relationship together. A partner that sleeps on the edge of the bed, rarely talks to you in the middle of the day, who is distant or starts sleeping in the other room “for rest” are all danger signs they are drastically pulling away from you and the marriage. No sex for weeks or months is a sure sign of disaster.

2)      There is little to no communication about anything. There should always been something to share about your day with your partner. If all you discuss is the to-do list for your kids, this is a problem. Start getting out of the house for at least one date a week, and plan some things to say. This is a time to flirt and romance your partner. Make them feel important. You can start the connection and communication this way, but be sure to carry it throughout the work-week.

3)      You Feel Alone, or feel you have “Lost Yourself”: You may feel you are doing all the work to keep the relationship together, from making the majority of the income, running the home, planning the vacations, and being responsible for the kids. If your husband is rarely home or checks out to TV once he does get home, you will feel unappreciated and lonely. You must communicate your feelings and get relationship help if this is the case.

4)      You think of ending the marriage. Or, you start seeking attention outside of the marriage through the computer, Facebook, with coworkers or with old friends. Long-term marital unhappiness without change will erode the marriage completely. Do something about this – and do not have an affair. Approach your partner and tell him the marriage is in trouble and you would like to fix it.

5)      You want out. Your partner has become abusive, toxic, addicted or absent. You have had enough of feeling “not good enough” and sacrificing yourself to please your partner. You have probably been unhappy for a long time. Tell him in a calm way you may seek divorce. If he wants to try to save the marriage, go to a coach or counselor, but be honest with your coach as to how much you want the marriage. Usually, one person of this couple is already “out the door”.

6)      You are the last one to know a secret or your spouse’s feelings. He tells everyone exciting news except you. He is the life of the party when out, and mute at home. Or, you discovered an addiction that he has hid to the world. All destructive, toxic behaviors and usually cause the end of a marriage.

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Relationships Advice Across Generations

I received an email from my 22-year-old daughter Alexi, regarding relationships. I found her insight was amazing when advising a friend; that I wanted to share her thoughts here.

Alexi believes having a lasting, true, and real relationship can only be successful if you first build a friendship based on honesty, understanding, self-exploration and growth – both separately and together. She advised her friend to be completely abstinent until she reached the level of closeness that she has with her best friends. “Why,” Alexi asks, “as a society, do we separate our closest friends with our relationships? It’s as almost if we can’t equate the two (friendship and intimate love) together as one. But isn’t that technically what relationships should be if you intend on spending your life with someone? You must question…can you really call it love (which should be unconditional and everlasting) if you don’t have the type of bond you have with your closest friends?”

People often look for all the wrong qualities in a partner. With divorce rates at 50%, it’s time to re-evaluate love relationships. The new paradigm is that “Love” is the result of a great friendship. When the core qualities are there, the love will come. Alexi and I agreed to look for following –

1)   Do you share a deep and meaningful common life purpose? Each must know what he wants out of life, and those goals should be similar so you will grow together.

2)   How does he treat other people? Does he enjoy giving to others, or is he self-serving and absorbed? Observe how he treats his children, parents, siblings, and those that serve him. Does he show respect and kindness; or is he mean-spirited?

3)   Are you looking to change something in this person, or falling in love with “his potential.” You must be able to accept him fully as he is today – be realistic; no one is perfect.

4)   Are you safe in being your self and in expressing your true thoughts and feelings? Do you trust him? Trust and safety are utmost important.

5)   Is he a “good person” and altruistic – always looking to help another, strives to do the right thing, dedicated to personal growth and character refinement? How does he spend his time? Is his life healthy and balanced; or is he lazy, selfish, addicted, or materialistic?

Our joint opinion is to build the friendship, safety, trust and open and honest communication before getting intimate. Building this type of love relationship takes time that you both must be willing to invest.

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Long Distance Lover

Dear Riana:

Two years ago I met a wonderful man from Florida who was in the area visiting family. He initially made a lot of effort to come visit me, so a relationship ensued. About 6 months ago, we discussed him moving in with me. He struggles financially, and I have a great job – so I can’t move. Here’s the problem – he has a “woman friend” that he calls his best friend, and insists there is nothing romantic between them, yet he does everything with her in Florida. She calls him after midnight when we are together. Now they are going to buy an investment property, move in together to remodel and sell it, so his moving here would be delayed. I also recently caught him with his picture on an online dating site, which really upset me, and he said he was just on there for a “dare” from a friend. He did get off line, calls me every night, tells me he loves me, and emails me constantly. He also treats my younger child wonderfully. I feel he’s the one for me, but I have some nagging doubts. Can Love work Long Distance?—- Kate from Egg Harbor

Dear Kate:

I suggest you immediately buy the book, “He’s just not that into you.” A man who WANTS to be with you, WILL. Until that point, your priority is to take care of yourself, your child, and your present – not to live for “a maybe” in your future. Start dating others – and tell him you are doing so! If your man knows you are NOT sitting around waiting for him, you may re-spark his interest. Words are cheap, and his actions are now committing to another woman. He thinks he has you waiting on him and has TWO women at his convenience – doesn’t that make you mad??? How would he feel if you bought a home or lived with another man? You’re flattered he calls you every night – but I think he’s checking on you to make sure you are at home. Start going out and don’t be available – make him wonder where you are. I know it stinks to have to play games, but if you don’t play the game, you’re going to be played! It will also make you feel less needy if you have others interested in you – making you even more appealing to him, but more importantly; raising your own self esteem. Buying a house with this “other woman” and the fact he went online to date – no matter WHY he did it – is giving you a clear message. Trust your intuition and move on. Stop putting your life on hold. When it comes to long distance love – you both must be equally trustworthy and committed to make it work – otherwise, you’re living in Disneyland!

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Confused over Conniving Commitment-phobe

 Dear Riana:

I know I need help! My guy and I dated for about 7 years, with two breaks in-between. I knew from the moment we met, he was the guy I was going to be with forever. He showed me he felt the same way. But a few years ago, he got a new job, and now there’s another girl involved. My first question is – what is it about people who go for someone at their job – especially if they complained about work so much? He says he loves me…and he didn’t love her, but he was confused. So we broke up a year ago, because he cheated on me with her. Now he swears it was all a mistake, and doesn’t want to lose me, but he’s STILL with her…and has been since he’s cheated. He says he wants to be with me, but for some reason, he won’t leave her. Am I being played by someone who says I’m going to be his wife? I’m so confused! I’ve been trying to think if I could actually be just a friend to him, because we were best friends.  Is my gut telling me the truth? After a 7 year relationship, he just looks at me as a friend? He tells me all these lovely things, but will he continue to hurt me? He’s the one I want to marry, but I can’t deal with the pain in my heart any longer.

Sincerely, Torn To Pieces 

Dear Torn: Sweetheart, wake up and smell the coffee, and make it strong to knock that confusion right out of your head! Then have a seat on my therapy couch —- Hello??!! Why would you WANT to marry him? He’s STILL intimate with the woman from work after one year, and he hasn’t left her!  He’s saying what you want to hear to “keep you on a string just in case that relationship doesn’t work out!” You’re his “fall back” chick. After 7 years, if he hasn’t married you, he isn’t going to. Why would you want him anyway? You can’t trust him! Remember you must look at ACTIONS – not words! Anyone can say they love you – to keep you interested – but he’s MAKING LOVE to another!!! LOOK AT THOSE ACTIONS! What more proof do you need that your relationship is over? I would TOTALLY cut him off right now – after about 6 months to a year you might become friends, but now he is USING the fact that you love him to keep you around and make false promises – how selfish! Also, if you accept his cheating now – he’ll feel it is “acceptable” for him to do so in your future – IF there is a future. It’s not about the other woman, take your focus off of her – remember, he’s playing her too! It’s HIM – and his inability to make a commitment to anyone – it ain’t happening! If an honorable man really loves a woman, he won’t cheat with another – whether he meets other women at work or out with the guys. And after taking serious time to reflect on why YOU would still want a man like this, finish your coffee, hit the gym, and go make yourself outrageously smashing! It’s time to get back out there and date! Tell him you deserve more, you will be dating others, and to have a good life. You will probably need counseling support to stay away – it’s like weaning off a drug when you have a break-up. Also, after 7 years, believe me, the “Commitment-phobic” will be back soon after you dump him – so you MUST be strong! Get going…the clock is ticking!

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Balance with Work Relationships ©



Positive work relationships are essential to one’s daily happiness and sense of purpose. If you are the boss and your employees are unhappy your clients are sure to feel it. There should be a team effort between the corporation/owner, management and the employees. The below article is from my Book, “Watch Me!” the mindset for personal power and success.

      Balance Triangle for the Business Owner

The three sides to keep balanced are The Corporation, the Employees, and Sales & Marketing. No matter what type of product or service you have, it must be marketed so someone will want to buy it. Whether it’s a hat, fishing tool, a piece of gum, a tire, a basket, or painting on a grain of rice (I bought three in Mexico!), a customer can be found.

With the grain of rice, the Mexican man had a book of designs from which I could pick to have on one side, with my name printed on the other. Then he had four choices of necklace vials into which the grain is put, which makes it expand so you can read it. I bought necklaces for the girls and myself, in remembrance that everyone has a special talent;  you just need to discover yours!

The Corporation/Organization is the owner, board of directors, upper management, and the decision-makers of the firm. They can either make or break an organization. They must share the same vision and work for the higher purpose of the firm. Unfortunately, when businesses get too big, money becomes “the Higher Purpose” and soon the greediness is exactly what brings down a company. Those in the organization must be without ego, because they often make the mistake of looking down on “the little people” who are actually doing the hard labor and building the product. Without a happy staff, the executives in the organization don’t have a business to run.

The Employees/Staff are the meat of the firm, the creators of the product, or those who sell the service. It is because they are often mistreated, underpaid, and not appreciated that the firm crumbles. Everyone must work as a team to keep the firm in perfect balance. Without balance comes greed and resentfulness in all areas of life. The executives in the organization must always ask for feedback and suggestions from the employees. They are the front line – the ones who know. They hold a lot of power, and it is the smart business owner who knows this and does whatever it takes to keep the balanced triangle paradigm always within his mind and business.

The TV show, Undercover Boss is a great example of a Boss wanting to be amongst his staff to appreciate their daily work and dedication they have to his company. It’s a wonderful example of trying to keep the Business Triangle in balance.

Marketing and Promotion of a product is essential to get it into the hand of the buyers. Marketing examines what makes the product or service unique so someone will want to buy it. Promotion and public relations involves face-to-face sales and education of your product. People will buy something if they see the value in it, if it is different, if they like and respect the person promoting it, and they can come to believe that the product or service will work for them.

All three elements of the Corporate Relationship Triangle need to be in balance and in touch with the other to be successful. The business cannot prosper without a great production staff, a creative team that implements original marketing and promotions, or without caring and involved executive supervisors. Do everything possible to nurture this important relationship balance for a successful corporation.

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