LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – How to order the Book

Live Beyond Your Dreams - from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success

Live Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success

Riana’s newest book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams, from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success (co-Author Alexi Panos) is NOW available in Barnes & Noble book stores, on, and at several New Age book Stores. Also available from the author – should you want an autographed copy – add $4 S & H, send full name, dedication name and address to

Here is a book summary –

Watch Me! I can succeed, reach my dreams,

and make a difference in the world

Let’s face it:  Success and happiness are limited by what we tell ourselves and how we allow others to define us.

In Live Beyond Your Dreams, co-authors Riana Milne and her daughter, Alexi Panos, introduce the Watch Me!™ mindset, a transformational approach to self-understanding, motivation, and fulfillment. In moving through emotional healing and increased self-esteem to personal growth and empowerment, you’ll prove to yourself that you’re more than good enough to successfully realize        your dreams and beyond for a balanced life of power, purpose, and peace.

You’ll discover:

  • A breakthrough approach to easing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Positive self-talk for better performance, moods, and a healthier mindset
  • A sensible, step-by-step process for setting and accomplishing goals
  • Empowering techniques for achieving balance in all your life and work spheres
  • The essential role of spirituality in attaining personal peace and higher purpose

 Riana Milne is a licensed Professional Counselor in her private practice, Therapy by the Sea, a certified Relationship Coach, and an interfaith minister. For more than 30 years, and through incredible challenges and triumphs, Riana has coached thousands to personal and professional success with the Watch Me! mindset and its promise of helping us achieve our dreams and beyond.

Alexi Panos, Riana’s youngest daughter, is the embodiment of the Watch Me! mindset and inspiration for the first Live Beyond Your Dreams book. A dazzling success in the entertainment industry and the corporate world by age 21, she still felt there was something missing. Her recognition that fulfillment and true success starts with changing one’s intrinsic motivation to achieve a higher purpose, led her to co-found a non-profit called EPIC — Everyday People Initiating Change — which provides safe, clean drinking water to the developing world.

 A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to EPIC

and the Riana Milne Arts Scholarship Fund.


 $16.95 US, CAN $20.95                                   ISBN/Book: 978-0-9785965-4-5

$9.99 Ebook                                                            ISBN/Ebook: 978-0-9785965-1-4                                        

By the Sea Books, LLC                                             6 x 9 Paperback

New Shelves Distribution                             

Self Help /Personal Growth/Success       

Riana Milne is a Certified Global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, Cert. Clinicial Trauma Professional, #1 Best Selling Author, and Educational Speaker. Riana has coached millions to overcome Childhood and Relationship Trauma to transition into the Life they Desire and to Have the Love They Deserve. She has the live radio show and podcast, Lessons in Life & Love, and is seen as the successful Life & Dating Coach on the Docuseries, Radical Dating, Finding Lasting Love over 40. Riana is the author of the #1 Best Seller, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams - Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve, and it's sister book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams - From Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success, and offers the free App: Riana's website offers more information and articles -

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