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Positive work relationships are essential to one’s daily happiness and sense of purpose. If you are the boss and your employees are unhappy your clients are sure to feel it. There should be a team effort between the corporation/owner, management and the employees. The below article is from my Book, “Watch Me!” the mindset for personal power and success.

      Balance Triangle for the Business Owner

The three sides to keep balanced are The Corporation, the Employees, and Sales & Marketing. No matter what type of product or service you have, it must be marketed so someone will want to buy it. Whether it’s a hat, fishing tool, a piece of gum, a tire, a basket, or painting on a grain of rice (I bought three in Mexico!), a customer can be found.

With the grain of rice, the Mexican man had a book of designs from which I could pick to have on one side, with my name printed on the other. Then he had four choices of necklace vials into which the grain is put, which makes it expand so you can read it. I bought necklaces for the girls and myself, in remembrance that everyone has a special talent;  you just need to discover yours!

The Corporation/Organization is the owner, board of directors, upper management, and the decision-makers of the firm. They can either make or break an organization. They must share the same vision and work for the higher purpose of the firm. Unfortunately, when businesses get too big, money becomes “the Higher Purpose” and soon the greediness is exactly what brings down a company. Those in the organization must be without ego, because they often make the mistake of looking down on “the little people” who are actually doing the hard labor and building the product. Without a happy staff, the executives in the organization don’t have a business to run.

The Employees/Staff are the meat of the firm, the creators of the product, or those who sell the service. It is because they are often mistreated, underpaid, and not appreciated that the firm crumbles. Everyone must work as a team to keep the firm in perfect balance. Without balance comes greed and resentfulness in all areas of life. The executives in the organization must always ask for feedback and suggestions from the employees. They are the front line – the ones who know. They hold a lot of power, and it is the smart business owner who knows this and does whatever it takes to keep the balanced triangle paradigm always within his mind and business.

The TV show, Undercover Boss is a great example of a Boss wanting to be amongst his staff to appreciate their daily work and dedication they have to his company. It’s a wonderful example of trying to keep the Business Triangle in balance.

Marketing and Promotion of a product is essential to get it into the hand of the buyers. Marketing examines what makes the product or service unique so someone will want to buy it. Promotion and public relations involves face-to-face sales and education of your product. People will buy something if they see the value in it, if it is different, if they like and respect the person promoting it, and they can come to believe that the product or service will work for them.

All three elements of the Corporate Relationship Triangle need to be in balance and in touch with the other to be successful. The business cannot prosper without a great production staff, a creative team that implements original marketing and promotions, or without caring and involved executive supervisors. Do everything possible to nurture this important relationship balance for a successful corporation.


Riana Milne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Relationship Coach in her private practice, Therapy by the Sea,LLC. For more than 30 years, Riana has coached thousands to personal and professional success with the Watch Me! mind-set and its promise of helping us achieve our dreams and beyond. She is the author of: Live Beyond Your Dreams, From Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success, and offers the free App: My Relationship Coach.

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